Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Anointing of the Holy Spirit

I have learned something very interesting and eye opening on the 17th of July whilst I was going through a Facebook profile of my sister, Kaley Mayer. In it she asks the question: What is the meaning of the anointing of the Holy Spirit? and then she goes on to answer it by saying that it is nothing less and nothing other than the Holy Spirit taking His place as absolute LORD.

That made me realise that to be anointed by the Holy Spirit is to be under the complete Headship of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is to be In Christ and Christ being in you and you living your life by the life of Christ.

We have been taught of the anointing of the Holy Spirit as anything other than being under the complete control of the Lord. When men are called or are said to have the anointing of the Holy Spirit is when they are usually put on a pedestal and seen as great brethren among many brethren, when they are seen as the special ones among many others, when they touch you, you are to fall to the ground because of this great anointing their holding, but it is not so.

When such things appear, Man should not glory in himself for it is only by grace that such things are happening through him. All the glory and the honour should be to the Lord that indeed Christ does live in us and that it is by him that we live, not by ourselves, matter of factly we are no more in control of our own lives, we have been bought with a price and therefore do not belong to ourselves. We have been bought with a price that we cannot afford to pay back, but a price that affords us the opportunity to live life eternally, not by ourselves, but through Christ our strength and our life, the very breath we breathe, our daily bread, the water of life, our most basic and most advanced source of life.

Therefore, it is by the LORD that we live, not by ourselves. We are in him because he has anointed us with Holy Spirit, we are covered in Him, our anointing.

P.S. Kaley Mayer has a site called The Endless Riches Of Jesus Christ, you can find the link to her site on my blogroll :)

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