Thursday, 27 November 2014

Contend Discontent

Discontent is fighting
Against content;
In this contest
Discontent not contend
Against content;
But feel contempt
In his
Against that, which is, content

May content

As discontent
Is fighting
May it be

Is intended
To thrive
And to indeed
So that
Can continue

To smile

Biblical Verse Splendour

Foxes have holes and birds of the air nests,
But the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His Head;
Do you not know that you are the temple of God
And the Spirit of God dwells in you?
In My Father’s house are many mansions;
If it were not so I would have told you;
For I go to prepare a place for you.
And if I go prepare a place for you,
I will not leave you orphans, I will come to you.
And I will pray the Father,
And He will give you another Helper,
That He may abide with you forever --
The Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive,
Because it neither sees Him nor knows Him;
But you know Him, for He dwells with you, and is in you.
I will come again and receive you to Myself;
That where I am, you may also be.
“And where I go you know,
And the way you know”.
A little while longer, and the world will see Me no more,
But you will see Me.
Because I live, you will also live.
At this day you will know that I am in My Father,
And you in Me and I in you.

P.S. >He uses your tiny little puny body as His temple on earth whilst He goes to prepare a place for you in the house of His Father which has many mansions.

Thoughts about lies.

The sun does not rise and the sun does not set. I'd love to live in a world that's more honest about  these things. A world which does not feel the need to incorporate lies into the language that speaks of the things this world does not yet understand. Can we not be content about the fact that there are still some things we do not yet know fully about and as a result should not make up lies to compensate for our limitations?

We are not God.
Our knowledge does not cover the earth.
Let us rather use the little knowledge that we do have to discover it.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

To love

To love is to agree with
What was,
What is, and
What will be;
To be joyful always and
Kind to those who
Lived their lives
Not in limitations
Of your life's experiences.

To love is to agree with
What was,
What is, and
What will be.
To hope and
To faith.
To be content
With the reality that
Nothing in this life
Is ever in our control;
Even our own lives.

To love is to agree with
What was;
What is, and
What will be.
To hope and
To faith.


Woah! I can't believe I've last posted something in 2012. But that is understandable. I was in 3rd year and had ample time to kill. 2013 was a busy year. Honours. 2014 even busier. I'm doing my master's now. It's been quite an experience to say the least. And to think that it's going into 2015? Hm! But excuses will never end. So I'm back again. Expect poems, vents and appreciations. Plus I met Masego about 6 months ago! :-)

Friday, 28 September 2012

It Is Unfortunate, but there is Hope Still.

I find that we live in a time in which people would rather lie than be truthful to themselves about those things which matter the most to them.
A world in which people hide their thoughts and motives and only reveal those things which they think others will be pleased and not shocked to hear.
A disadvantaged world indeed, that fills the wise with sorrow and makes those who see feel like their blessing is a cursing.
This world does not care, it is not concerned about others and it brings grief to the concerned, it is really unfortunate.
And there is a saying that goes, seek first to understand than to be understood, but what happens when in a conversation you are the only one with the regard to understand others, understanding them and not being understood in return?
This world is a careless world, consumed with breathing and making a living, and yet forgetting the most basic thing about life, which is to live. But to live is not only to breathe, or to eat or drink or sustain life, to live is to grow and to see, to feel and to speak, to understand and to express, to produce.
Oh yes, it can be unfortunate sometimes to be concerned about the life which we are not prepared to live, to grow in, to feel and speak, to understand and to express, to produce.
This is all that was in my heart, something that I had to take out before I could die by succumbing to being in the world, this careless world.
It is indeed unfortunate that some people are born only to die without having breathed, yes they have ate, drank, walked and talked, but what is all that without having learnt something from it all. How does one walk for 20 years without perfecting that walk? How do we eat for a long time without gaining the experience of doing it right?
Some people are people only because they look like people, not because they act as people or be a people, and it is unfortunate indeed.
I can see that the world does not care, I won’t inquire on why it does not care because it won’t care to give an answer, my wanting is that those who see these things happening around them should speak and not keep quiet about them. Life is not build out of nothingness, something has to happen for it to continue, and there is no better opportunity to start doing that now by starting to live.
Because we allow ourselves to be slaves, we keep on doing those things which bring us pain and affliction, on and on we keep on engaging in them and with them, but for how long are we going to continue doing that? Where is the faith? Let us start living now, today, because tomorrow is not promised!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Now That Since We Are In Christ (it takes Christ)

I tried searching for the meaning of what blessing means, on Google. It all seemed complicated and confusing, so therefore I decided to share something about what I think blessing is, from my heart I deliver this.

We are Christians, and without a doubt Christ is the true meaning of blessing. How blessed are we that He chose to share Himself as a blessing with us, the forgiven and children of God. I still don’t know what I am to write but I am hoping that by the end of this letter, to us, I would at least have something regarding blessing or being blessed.

They call it being in the favour of the Lord and that is true I won’t refuse. Blessing, as I say it in my heart, it sounds like heavenly language, like heavenly speech, perhaps it is because the one who wears it lives there, He lives in heaven. And not long ago I have read about how That Man, who lives in heaven, wants to empty himself outside of heaven and to come live within us, so that we too can live within Him. Who am I kidding, He already does live within us and we do already live within Him. (He is not YHWH for will do and will not. He is YHWH for I AM BLESS you) I guess the blessing within all of this will be for us to fully realise this magnitude of truth invisible to the physical eye and clearly visible to that eye which is of the Spirit. His Spirit and not ours. (We were bought with a price and no longer belong to ourselves). His Eyes, not ours, He, Himself, and not us in ourselves, we are no more. You see, it takes Christ to recognise blessing, it takes his eyes to see it, His Spirit to fully comprehend it. I still do not know what I am talking about, but I don’t have to worry about that because I know and am certain that the Christ within all of us does know what I am talking about, Him and not us, Him in us and not us within ourselves.

The blessing which is Christ is such that we do not have to do anything to attain it, blessing is freely given. We just have to believe. I take it that to believe is a verb, a doing word, an act of doing something, but how do we believe really? Can we believe by ourselves? I seriously at this moment in time do not see how I could believe by myself. Perhaps that is a blessing in disguise because it makes me to become aware that even in our believing, it takes Jesus Christ and not us, that in anything that pertains to Christ Jesus, it takes Christ to realise Christ. We believe because of Christ Jesus and by Christ Jesus. Again I might not be making sense, but I am taught that it is the foolish things that make more sense than the wise things that do not.
So yes, it takes a blessing to be blessed and to bless; it takes Christ Jesus our Lord, the blessing of God, that blessing which is God, to bless that which is to be blessed, which is the Christ within us. In other words when I bless you I am really blessing Christ and when you bless me you are really blessing Christ for it is no longer us who live but Christ Jesus who lives in us, To Christ then, and by Christ, do I bless each and everyone one of you sisters and brothers, In Jesus Christ’s Name, in his fullness, I bless you.
Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ. (Ephesians 1:3)