Friday, 28 September 2012

It Is Unfortunate, but there is Hope Still.

I find that we live in a time in which people would rather lie than be truthful to themselves about those things which matter the most to them.
A world in which people hide their thoughts and motives and only reveal those things which they think others will be pleased and not shocked to hear.
A disadvantaged world indeed, that fills the wise with sorrow and makes those who see feel like their blessing is a cursing.
This world does not care, it is not concerned about others and it brings grief to the concerned, it is really unfortunate.
And there is a saying that goes, seek first to understand than to be understood, but what happens when in a conversation you are the only one with the regard to understand others, understanding them and not being understood in return?
This world is a careless world, consumed with breathing and making a living, and yet forgetting the most basic thing about life, which is to live. But to live is not only to breathe, or to eat or drink or sustain life, to live is to grow and to see, to feel and to speak, to understand and to express, to produce.
Oh yes, it can be unfortunate sometimes to be concerned about the life which we are not prepared to live, to grow in, to feel and speak, to understand and to express, to produce.
This is all that was in my heart, something that I had to take out before I could die by succumbing to being in the world, this careless world.
It is indeed unfortunate that some people are born only to die without having breathed, yes they have ate, drank, walked and talked, but what is all that without having learnt something from it all. How does one walk for 20 years without perfecting that walk? How do we eat for a long time without gaining the experience of doing it right?
Some people are people only because they look like people, not because they act as people or be a people, and it is unfortunate indeed.
I can see that the world does not care, I won’t inquire on why it does not care because it won’t care to give an answer, my wanting is that those who see these things happening around them should speak and not keep quiet about them. Life is not build out of nothingness, something has to happen for it to continue, and there is no better opportunity to start doing that now by starting to live.
Because we allow ourselves to be slaves, we keep on doing those things which bring us pain and affliction, on and on we keep on engaging in them and with them, but for how long are we going to continue doing that? Where is the faith? Let us start living now, today, because tomorrow is not promised!

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